“Promoting education on Ehidj and Fadiouth islands, Senegal.” Project activities and results.

Project promoting education on Ehidj and Fadiouth islands, Senegal Sponsored by Origines

impacto1 Fadiouth Island


Awarding grants to cover costs of enrolment, education and materials.

impacto4 impacto5

Providing educational materials to primary and secondary students.

impacto6 impacto7

Familiarising students about hygiene through awareness.

impacto8 impacto9

Providing school kits to four education centres in the area.

impacto10 impacto11 impacto12Providing sanitary equipment and medicine to the Joal-Fadiouth health centres.

impacto13 impacto14

Motivational lectures at secondary schools.

impacto15 Meeting with the Joal-Fadiouth municipal authorities.

Project Achievements

The achievements of the project’s first phase have been as follows:

  • 60 primary and secondary students in risk of leaving education due to insufficient means now receive grants allocated to cover costs of enrolment, education and materials.
  • 175 students at the Sainthe Therese and Joachim Fode schools are equipped with educational materials and supplies.
  • The Joal-Fadiouth district centres for health, paediatric and dispensary receive supplies of health equipment and medicine.
  • Four schools supplied with school kits.
  • 320 students receive lectures with demonstrations to improve their hygiene routines.
  • 132 secondary students are made aware and motivated about the value of education through lectures.

Activities in Ehidj

The program has also been started in Ehidj in collaboration with the area’s school, educational materials have been supplied, and the first group of students have received grants. These activities are expected to continue increasing in the project’s second phase.

Outstanding Tasks:

In future phases it will be necessary to improve the project results through the following:

  1. Increasing the grants to a greater number of students
  2. Allowing a greater number of children aged 7 to 16 to attend school
  3. Supporting the efforts of poorer families in taking care of their children’s education
  4. Initiating income generating activities in order that needy families are able to take over the education costs of their children. Continue working in the promotion of equal gender opportunities

Thank you to everyone for your support and cooperation for making the right to education for the children of Fadiouth and Ehidj a reality. At Origines we’re working relentlessly so that the families of Fadiouth and Ehidj without means are able to receive support that allows them to take over the schooling costs of primary, secondary and higher eduction. impacto16 impacto17